What is a Temp Address?

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Chances are if your site is already up and running, you may want to get your site setup here before changing your nameservers. So:
The internet is running low on IP numbers, that is the actual address to your web site. When someone types your domain name into their browser or follows a link to your site the name needs to be resolved (converted) to it's numeric address. That is the job of DNS servers

The Web site software I use allows me to have several web sites per IP number. This allows me to help to conserve the amount of available IP numbers that are left.

Now in order for you to get your current pages up to my servers what I do is add a temporary virtual domain to my system. This allows you to be getting your current pages and pictures up to my servers without me having to assign a specific IP number for you to use.

When I do my setup I also do the settings needed to point your domain name to the same place as the temporary address, so when you finish getting all the information up to my servers and you change the dns the switch to my servers is basically invisible to your visitors, and you should experience no if any downtime.

The change from of the DNS typically takes 24 to 48 hours, and since the same site can not occupy two different locations, if I didn't do the Temp site for you you would need to wait until the DNS change is propagated throughout the internet before you would have access to my servers for uploading.