Registered Domain name ?

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If you desire a domain name for your site such as there are a couple of ways this can be accomplished. We offer a registration service if your unsure of how to do it. In other words we can do it for you. There are cost involved in registering a domain name.

We also have a register it yourself reselling program with a registrar where you can register it yourself. Our reseller is located at: Registration reseller program

You can also accomplish this yourself using any accredited registrar such as, or, etc. You can probably save yourself some money by doing it your self.

If you do decide to register it yourself, please remember to either complete your signup here first or come back after registering the domain name. Even if you use our reseller program you will still need to complete the signup here as well as the registration.

Registrations made outside of our reseller will need to have our nameservers specified they are: